About Me

I am a nurse practitioner. I live with my husband and dog J.

Introvert in real life, at times, I feel the need/want to express my opinions and see what others think about it. 

I blog about what my minds wants to express from my life and thoughts about the world around me. I’m interested in animal/nature conservation and social justice (hard core word but I just think that everyone should have equal opportunity to become what they want to be).

I will also be blogging about depression and anxiety and my struggles with them. Yes, I’m a healthcare professional that has mental health problems. I do take medication and I do see my psychiatrist routinely to keep them in check. I didn’t realize that I had depression until I started seeing a psychiatrist for the second time in my life. I’ve gone through college, worked for number of years as a nurse, attended graduate school to become an NP, and worked as an NP before I got the diagnosis. Because of that, I consider myself ‘highly-functional’ depressed person (I did just make that phrase up). The message I want to send out there is that people can live a seemingly normal life while having mental health issues.

I cook meals mostly from scratch. But I’m not creative enough to come up with a recipe. So I’ll be routinely highlighting recipes that I’ve tried out and liked to pay tribute to those who posts recipes and food bloggers.

Welcome to my world!!

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