Monday, March 14, 2016

New Medication for My Depression

Previously, I mentioned that I’m ready to try another antidepressant. 

At the last appointment I had with my psychiatrist I said that since I’m tired of being tired, I want to try another medication. I had read about a newer drug that increased ‘functionality’. Unfortunately, since it was too new and only had brand name medication my insurance will not cover it. The insurance company website recommended a different drug from the same class. So I bought that name up in my appointment. Reviewing all the medications I’ve tried so far, it turned out that I have tried one medication in that class. But like most medication, it made me sleepy and did not work for me. And when I get sleepy from side effects, it’s really dangerous. I would have to fight my sleepiness while driving. There were more than a few times I’ve swerved from my lane. Thank God, I commuted in a rural area with very few traffic. There were few times when I just stopped, parked my car at the shoulder, and took a five to ten minute nap to be able to continue driving. 

Anyway, in case of antidepressants, just because one medication doesn’t work doesn’t mean another from the same class will not work. So I tapered off one of the antidepressants I was taking and started on the new medication. I think I’ve been doing a lot better. A lot less tired. I’m probably sticking to this medication until further problem arises. Just like that, after trying so many medication, I think I’ve found the ones that works for me. I might have to (probably have to) take them for the rest of my life, but I’m still grateful.

By Keffy, via Wikimedia Commons

The problem with having depression is that you don’t know what’s your normal or average person’s normal. I can’t say I’m totally at the level before I had depression. But since it was when I was a child, it’s difficult to compare, too. But as long as I can think and act without too much difficulty, I think it’s OK.

As a side note, my psychiatrist introduced me to a device, a brain stimulator. He said that since I had depression for long and am finding trouble finding good medication, I can try it. It looks weird but it is FDA approved for treatment. 

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