Monday, March 14, 2016

Guns, Guns, and More Guns (Now on Campus)

Last Friday, March 11th, Georgia Senate passed (37-17 vote) a bill that would allow canceled guns on all public colleges .

How are we going to know who is going to be the next mass shooter? Since multiple students will have it, just having a gun wouldn’t raise any alarms.

What if one students shoots another student and claims self-defense? The shooter can say that the shooter was certain the other student had a gun (no matter if he/she actually had one or not) and was about to take it out and felt danger to own’s life.

A female student can be assaulted easily at gun point.

By Alian Gear Holster, via Wikimedia Commons

But as incredulous the news sounded to me, I found out that this is NOT the first state to do so (I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised?). Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missisippi, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, Texas have already done so (is someone going to tell me that there is no increase in violence in these state campuses since canceled weapons have been allowed?)

U.S. seems less and less like a civilized country. In a civilized country, people rely on law and law enforcement officers to keep the peace. U.S. is going back to those days (wild, wild west) when the land was still wild, no reliable law and officers, and you had to defend for yourself.

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