Sunday, February 7, 2016

Problem With Having ‘Me’ Time

A lot is said about the importance of taking time for yourself, to give yourself a break, to give yourself time to do what you really want to do. But I think this created some problems in my life.

My former job was a ten-hour day, 4 days a week job. The commute was an hour each way. And at least two to three work days a week, I cooked dinner from scratch after coming home around 6 pm. Then washed dishes by hand. Then prepared lunch for the next day. By the time I finished all that, it was 7:30 pm at the earliest, most of the time past 8 pm. By nine, my husband would stop working to relax so I would stop whatever I was doing and play card, talk, listen to music, scratch the dog, etc. and combination of those. We went to bed at 10 pm because we had to get up at 5:45 the next morning. 

By KoS, via Wikimedia Commons 

So that left about an hour to an hour 30 minutes for ‘myself’. I would be tired from work on regular basis. My anxiety probably it worse. I just wanted to relax. Which would mean I would just read ‘cozy’ mysteries or surf the web mindlessly and aimlessly.

Problem was, whenever my husband wanted to talk to me, share a news with me and interrupt ‘my’ time, I got irritated. I think if he did it more than once, I didn’t bother to hide my irritation. It was really selfish. I realized that now because I’m currently unemployed. I hope I learned from this experience and I won’t do that again when I get a different job in the future. 

How do you carve out your own time?

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