Monday, February 8, 2016

Is it Just Morbid Curiosity?

Being a football fan I go to on a regular basis during the season. The last time I was there (Feb 6), I saw the headlines for Johnny Manziel, the Cleveland Brown’s quarterback. It was pretty obvious that he got into another trouble. I’m not a Manziel fan and since I watch a lot more pro-football more than college football, I didn’t even know about him before he entered NFL. I’m also not a Cleveland Brown’s fan.

Still, I found myself clicking on the headline to read what he did THIS time.

And I question my motive and feel irritated by myself for reading the article. From what I’ve learned in the past, he is probably an domestic violence perpetrator and an alcohol abuser. The only thing that I should care for is to hope that his girlfriend gets out of this relationship and that he finds insight to his problems and straightens out.

Am I enjoying his downfall? It’s a scary question.

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