Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Remission and Residual Symptoms of Depression: How much of depression can be treated?

I think it was only about a decade or two ago, the prevailing idea for depression treatment was to put someone on medication for 9 months then stop. 

But then, people realized that
  • Some people need longer treatment
  • For some people, antidepressants won’t work or they need more than one

Now, it is found that even people who are ‘successfully’ treated or thought to have gone into remission a lot of times still have ‘residual’ symptoms.

Still, I’d like to think that hope is not all lost. There are newer treatments coming out; three new drugs in the past year or so; transcranial magnetic stimulation; vagus nerve stimulation. It is true that none of these are ‘silver bullets’ either. It works for some people, it doesn’t seem to do much for others. And yet, combinations of these treatments, including psychotherapy, might still work.

By Nina Aldin Thune, via Wikimedia Commons

The residual symptom that I really struggle with is fatigue. Some days I am willing to do, wanting to do things yet I’m tired, not necessarily sleepy. I have to really push myself to do things. The more I get treatment for depression, the more I realize the gap between my (hopefully) baseline self and the being dragged by depression self. So it is really frustrating on days that I’m tired because I know that I can do more, that I can be a lot productive if it weren’t for these symptoms.

The last medication I tried seemed to do good for me. I was excited. Then after few months on it I realized that the side effect were not worth it. I had to give it up. By then I’ve already tried several medication and was sick and tired of dealing with side effects. So for the last 9 months or so I’ve been on the same two medication still fighting the fatigue. But I think I’m ready to try another now.

I cook most of the meals but I don’t create recipes. I rely on recipes on the web and books. So to pay tribute to all the food bloggers and people who contribute recipes out there, I’m  posting recipes that I’ve recently tried and liked.
In the past few days I’ve made:
Orzo & Grilled Vegetable Salad with Feta, Olives & Oregano: I did make it a warm meal because it was cold outside

Lemon Mascarpone Blondies: not your typical blondies 

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