Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Medications Side Effects and Finding the Right One

Every TV commercial for a medication comes with a drone of possible side effects. Some people will think, ‘why bother taking something that can make you ill?’ and turn to ‘natural’ remedies.

The fact of the matter is, there is no way to prove or disapprove that these side effects are caused by these medications. They test these medications before marketing. One group of people will get the actual medication, while another will get a medication that looks like the real thing but has no active ingredients in it (placebo). Side effects are always reported by people in both groups, most of the time, more in the actual drug group. 

I always thought that there are people who are prone to be swayed by suggestions. That if some people were explained that there are possible this, this, and that side effect, they will end up complaining about them. I am not discounting their experience. I just thought that because these people believe they will get the side effects, that they will attribute every bad feeling that happened to manifest itself during the testing to the medication. So as a prescriber I was really cautious about explaining possible side effects.

But I was more worried about people not taking the medication because of the side effects. So my explanation always ended with the fact there are multiple alternative medications, some in a different chemical group, that can be tried if one did not work. If I decided that a person is better of taking the medication then risking possible consequences (future stroke, heart attack, etc), I’d  am willing to take the time to find the right medication for that person. I just don’t want people to stop taking the medication and not tell me about it. Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t know which medication works the best for each individual with the minimum or no side effect. It is, unfortunately, a trial and an error.

What I didn’t realize was that sometime it can be REALLY difficult to find the right medication. This is about me and my depression/anxiety. I don’t know how many medications I have tried. Paxil, Remeron, Ability, Latuda, Geodon….. All had side effects that affected my normal functioning capacity and were not worth taking them, whatever good effects they also had. I can’t say that I’ve found the perfect combination, still. But after trying several, I am currently taking a hiatus from trying yet another one.

I cook most of the meals but I don’t create recipes. I rely on recipes on the web and books. So to pay tribute to all the food bloggers and people who contribute recipes out there, I’m  posting recipes that I’ve recently tried and liked.
In the past few days I’ve made:
Blueberry Barley Muffins: I had barley flakes I wanted to use. Great texture!

One Pan Sumac Chicken Thighs: It uses oranges but it is a subtle taste in the finish.

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