Monday, January 11, 2016

Football Hall of Fame and Terrell Owens

As a football fan, I visit the website quite a lot during the season. But usually I don’t play much attention to who was inducted in the Hall of Fame. This year articles regarding the selection caught my eye. Simply because I’m a Brett Farve fan and he is thought to be a definite inductee for this year. But it also said that wide receiver Terrell Owens was among the last players to be considered. I’ve never really followed his play but in the past what I’ve heard friends having negative opinions about him. Sure enough, there are people who question his attitude and behavior. And if teams were hesitant to hire him due to his behavior, that says a lot about the person he is.

So he is not really a player with good sportsmanship. Does that kind of person need to be inducted in the Hall of Fame? He might have had a hard childhood but would that totally excuse him? I’m kind of doubtful.

I cook most of the meals but I don’t create recipes. I rely on recipes on the web and books. So to pay tribute to all the food bloggers and people who contribute recipes out there, I’m  posting recipes that I’ve recently tried and liked.
In the past few days I’ve made:

Easy Homemade Yellow Curry Paste: I couldn't find a jar of yellow curry paste and ended up making it. It's so worth it. I used what I need and froze the rest for later use. 
Thai Yellow Chicken Curry with Potatoes: Made this with the above paste. 

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