Monday, January 25, 2016

Everyone of Us is Responsible for What's Happening in Congress

This is not just about voting. We are not finished when we cast a vote. We need to keep an eye on what our representatives are doing: 
  • What they are voting for and what they are opposing;
  • Are they being influenced by money, lobbyists, big money-contributing industries instead of really doing something for US the regular people?;
  • Are they just making a grand stand and opposing everything because it was proposed by the other party?
We need to let each one of the representatives know that they are being watched and that we did NOT give carte blanche to everything that he/she believes in. For example, if you voted for a candidate who is pro-life. But if you find that he is against gun control and you do not agree, you can send a simple letter, e-mail, saying, ‘I voted for you but I am FOR gun control.’ Getting their e-mails is so easy. You’ll probably get a stamped response from their office but YOU ARE making your voice heard.

There are many organization out there that even collects signatures to congress, companies, industries to deliver the voice of us simple citizens. You can just put your name on the list. It takes less than a minute. The downside is you’ll get more e-mails from them but YOU ARE making your voice heard.

There should be NO disparities between what the majority of the public think/poll results and what goes on in the congress!

By Harris & Ewing, via Wikimedia Commons

This is a rant of sorts because I’ve been angry since reading an article about Senator Reid of Nevada allowing a big loophole in tax BECAUSE he was most likely influenced by industry lobbyists which pumps in money to his election campaign. The result: one billion dollar loss in taxes. What can you do with one billion? Can we make schools better? Can we use it for cancer research?

I am just SOOOOO mad!

Each one of us needs to keep an eye on what OUR representatives are doing. In the end, they are also humans. Self-preservation, money, power can lure them to the dark side.

By NASA, via Wikimedia Commons

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