Friday, January 15, 2016

Ability to Read Non-Fiction = Maturity ?

I have trouble finishing non-fiction books. In fact, at this time I have seven non-fiction books that I’ve started reading (and that I know of) but have not finished:

Can A Darwinian Be a Christian? By Micheal Ruse
FDR By Jean Edward Smith
Our Endangered Values By Jimmy Carter
Paper Trail By Ellen Goodman
Awakening to Race By Jack Turner
The Next American Revolution By Grace Lee Boggs
Half the Sky By Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

I start reading with, off course, the intention of reading them. They are interesting to say the least. Some, I’ve even finished about 2/3 of them. Yet I cannot finish them.

I know what one problem is. When I’m tired, I just want to read fiction just for pleasure. Some books, I just have to pay real attention to to understand. It probably doesn’t help that English is my second language (though people won’t realize it if they just talk to me on the phone). 

Or am I making too much of them? Maybe I should just read them when I want to read, no matter how tired I feel. If they are interesting enough, I might be drawn into them.

Do you have similar problems? What do you do then?

I cook most of the meals but I don’t create recipes. I rely on recipes on the web and books. So to pay tribute to all the food bloggers and people who contribute recipes out there, I’m  posting recipes that I’ve recently tried and liked.
In the past few days I’ve made:

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Meatballs in Cumin Coriander Spiced Tomato Sauce: It’ll be hard make regular meatballs after this.

Chicken Fried Rice: Simple, yet delicious.

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