Thursday, December 10, 2015

Reason Behind My Pseudonym (and my dog’s photo)

Recently I came across a person who says they don’t like people who use pseudonym. This is not a post to argue against that person. That person might not even come across my post.

I’m just going to explain myself, my reason for it.

If you had read about me on my profile, you will know that I am a nurse practitioner. But I also, in the past several years, found out that I had depression all along (probably from early teens but that will be another story to write a post about).

In this day and age, I AM afraid of being stigmatized. I think I am a competent healthcare provider. I’ve actually been told by one caregiver that ‘there should be hundreds of nurses like you’. In my years as a nurse practitioner, a person has specifically mentioned that that person is grateful because I take time to address problems that other clinicians might ignore. 

I’m not trying to say that I’m a ‘super’ nurse/nurse practitioner that is greater than anyone. What I’m trying to covey right now and hopefully through future posts is that a person can have ‘mental health’ problems and still lead a rather ‘normal’ life. Even the ones who are taking medication like myself, to live life more fully.

By the way, what’s definition of a ‘normal’ person? Everyone has a character quirk or two that is going to be disliked by some people or annoying to some people. Unless you are mother Teresa or the likes, nobody is perfect or beloved by everyone. And mental health ranges from severest to the rather more closely normal level. One person might have depression so bad that they need electrostimulation therapy once in a while (it is not something of the past. For really depressed people, it does seem to help). Another person might have a situational depression for a few months and then never have another symptom for life.

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To get back to why I’m using pseudonym, I am afraid, worried that I’d be stigmatized. I’m not ready to give up my profession yet. Nursing/nurse practitionering gives me three things:

1. Another meaning for my existence; I get to give back to the society
2. Satisfaction of helping people heal, helping people lead a healthier life through education
3. Income, which enable me to live and keep adopting dogs

Once I retire, I might come out and say ‘guess what? It’s me!’ Until then I am using my pseudonym and am hiding behind my dog’s photo.

And you have the choice to read or not read my posts/comments.

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