Monday, December 7, 2015

My Mother’s Magical (________)/Superpower

I don’t know what noun would fit in there. It’s not touch, not aura. I’m not sure what I’d call it but my mother has magic. Maybe it’s her superpower. Let me explain her mysterious magic.

My mother loves animals. I grew up with cats, dogs, and ducks. My mother would even long of getting goats or sheep on top of that.

So while I was living with my parents, I had four cats and three dogs in total. Only but one was a rescue. But the thing is we never (or my mother never) went out of her way to adopt any of them. They always seem to find her.

Evidence one: the first cat had just lost her owner. Her neighbors were looking for a new owner and one of them called my mother.

Evidence two: the first dog. My parents went on a walk in a field. The dog was there. No collar, emaciated, and sort of unkept.

Evidence three: our second cat. She was found hiding under a cover of a ditch that ran through our yard. She was able to use human toilet bowl. That had to mean that she was owned by someone. We put out signs but no one came to claim her and we ended up with her.

Evidence four: second dog. My mother came home late at night only to find him huddling in front of our entrance. He was scared but tired. My mother took literally about twenty minutes disarming him, talking to him. Somewhere in the middle she called me from outside to stick out just my hand from the door to give him a handful of dog chow. Nobody claimed him.

Evidence five: third cat (kitten): my parents went boating. They found her by the river side. No mother or siblings seen around. She was little enough that my mother had to bottle-feed (actually she used a syringe) her for a while. The second dog adopted her and took care of her.

Evidence six: fourth cat. Just started following our second dog and my mother when they went out for a walk.

Do you see what I mean? She seemed to be like a magnet for strays. It’s almost if the animals came to my mother, to our house sensing that they would find a safe haven. My mother’s magical (______). What would you call it?

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