Monday, December 14, 2015

Fleeing for Life

Recently I started meditating. I use ‘Stop, Breath and Think’ because it has short 3 to 9 minute guided meditation that I’d thought would be easy for me to start with. I think I’m getting used to it. But on the other hand, because I’m getting use to the meditation, my mind is starting to conjure up the next thing that would be said on the recording (not good, I need to silence my thoughts and just follow).

Among the programs are ‘compassion (to people suffering)’ and ‘commonality of suffering’. One day, when I was told to imagine someone who is suffering, my mind came up with a photo I saw on the news of a Syrian refugee family being restrained from wherever they were trying to go.


By Mstyslav Chernov (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

But you know, I couldn’t imagine their suffering. Have you ever been so scared of being raped, being killed, your house being destroyed that you left everything you had, left a place where you were familiar with, left a place with a steady job, that you just fled? Have you ever been desperate enough that you would let your child out of your hands into the unknown because you were worried that they would be killed or made a child soldier that you handed them off to a shady smuggler since you can only pay for one person?

At this time, I don’t think I can fully appreciate the fear they feel.

I cook most meals at home. But I don’t create recipes. I rely on recipes out there. I might adjust oil, salt, or sugar but that’s about all I do. So to pay tribute to all the food bloggers and people who contribute recipes out there, I’m going to be posting recipes that I’ve recently tried and liked.
In the past few days I’ve made:

: I had a pork shoulder but was tired with regular BBQ. I looked up Asian flavored ones and this was what I came up with. Very flavorful and delicious.

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