Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Beautiful Smile

I still use the laundromat. When we were living in an apartment without the facilities, it was a given. But even after we moved into a house, I still do so. It’s so easy to take all the clothes, use multiple washers and driers at once, and get it all done in less than two hours a week. And while I’m at the laundromat, I can even use my time to journal or read. I won’t have to worry about leaving the clothes in the washer and getting everything wrinkled (which I’m sure I’ll do if I had the washer and drier at house). It does help that it’s only me and my husband in the household (dog, too but I wash the coat he wears all-year-around in the bathtub with him wearing it).

The laundromat I use has attendants most of the time who take drop-ins and keep the place clean. I end up knowing their names and chatting with them. About a month ago I saw a new attendant. I will use the word ‘saw’ because unlike other attendants who walk to the back office making eye-contact with everyone and greeting everyone, she, with somewhat sullen face, walks back looking straight ahead or down. Still, I’ve made effort to say at ‘hi’ when she walks by sweeping or wiping tables. She does return my greetings, even though with a mute expression.

But last week was different.

She came in as usual walking straight to the office in the back (I usually do my laundry first thing in the AM even before the attendants show up). Some time past without me having a chance to greet her. Then when she came around, she bent down in front of the laundry cart that I was folding clothing from. She came up with a sock that I must have drop in her hand … and a beautiful smile! Something between a grin and a smile. I was mentally blown-over in astonishment.

It was one of those moments when you suddenly ‘click’ with someone.

Later I was even able to say ‘have a good day!’ and she returned with ‘you, too!’ with another beautiful smile. I carried that smile with me that day.

We may never get to the point of chatting like friends but that ‘click’ing was really. It was a special moment that you sometime get with a fellow human being.

I don’t create recipes. I’ll usually look up couple of recipes on the web, pick one, and cook. I might decrease oil or sugar but that’s about all I do. So to pay tribute to all the food bloggers and people who contribute recipes out there, I’m going to post recipes that I’ve recently tried and liked.

In the past few days I’ve made:

Buddha's Delight - It’s nothing like what you get from a take out place


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I think it proves my last post about smiles and peace. Your persistence finally broke through whatever shell she had built to protect herself, and she was able to experience that joy. Beautiful! Smiles and kind words are truly powerful!

  2. I guess I was persistent. I didn't realize that. Maybe I should give that type of effort more often.