Friday, November 6, 2015

I need MRI-vision !

Does your doctor explain treatment to you? Does you doctor ask if you have any questions?

Because mine isn’t and it’s getting me frustrated. Here is what happened: I twisted my ankle about a month ago. From the bruising and the x-ray it was pretty obvious that I tore more than one ligament. The doctor prescribed me CAM Boots and told me that I’m to keep it on at all times, except while showering. Walking and sleeping at night with it was a pain. But I endured it because I wanted to make sure my ankle healed correctly and to make sure that I can use my ankle without a problem in the future.

I was left wondering how ligaments going to heal if they were totally ruptured. I googled it. It didn’t help. The most I can get was that they usually heal without surgery by stabilizing it.


The above is my x-ray. I have an avulsion fracture on the right side of the thick bone. (You might already know this but) Avulsion fracture is what happens when the ligament is pulled so hard that instead of tearing somewhere in the middle, it tears away the bone it’s connected to. You can see a sliver of bone on the right side. So is that bone going to travel back few millimeters to the bone and stick to where it was originally?


I went for a follow-up visit last week. The place where the avulsion fracture occurred was still a little swollen and tender when touched. This time the doctor prescribed me an ankle support. Then he marked some medical codes on a paper, jot down a small note and left… without even telling me if I was to keep it on all day long or what.

At the initial appointment, I actually stopped him walking to the door and said, ‘I have two questions.’ He answered my first question while opening the door and I had to quickly insert my second question to get my answer. The second time, I didn’t have enough time to come up with a question. It’s so frustrating. I’m pretty sure doctors are busy. But….. I need an MRI-vision so that I can see how things are going in my ankle. Especially since the avulsion fracture site started hurting occasionally when I walk.

I usually avoid seeing a doctor. I just hope that anything and everything will heal on it’s own. This experience will only enforces that bad (according to my husband) habit. 

Does your doctor explain anything? Does your doctor ask if you have any questions?

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  1. yikes, I hope you're not in too much pain! I wish you quick healing